What is an NAET Practioner?

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique was developed in 1983 by Dr Devi Nambudripad, as a way of overcoming her own severe food allergies.

It is a painless and non-invasive method of identifying and eliminating allergies and is suitable for all age groups, including babies. Children and babies are tested and treated using their parent or carer as a surrogate.

NAET uses methods from Applied Kinesiology, including muscle testing, to test for allergies, and the principles of Chinese medicine to eliminate them. NAET can test for and help sensitivities to any substances, including food, chemical and environmental allergens. It can also be used to identify and help emotional factors, which are at the root of many allergic reactions and connected to many unexplained health problems.

During the initial NAET consultation a medical history will be taken so that I can understand the possible sources and causes of your allergies. You will be tested for basic nutrients, environmental allergens, and anything specific to your particular symptoms.


Having identified your allergies, you may choose to have treatments which may help to eliminate them. This involves acupressure on both sides of the spinal column - an area where energy flow intersects with nerve roots – in order to reduce the reaction by the immune system and restore the integrity of the autonomic nervous system, enabling the body to regulate itself.

After a treatment, you have to avoid the particular substance for approximately 25 hours, in order to allow the elimination to complete. More than one treatment for a substance may be needed if it is not possible to avoid it for this period.

When cleared, the allergens do not have to be avoided, and the results are usually permanent.  In cases where allergens change annually, such as pollens, you may need to return to be treated for the new allergens. The number of treatments needed varies according to the degree and extent of sensitivity. Some symptoms can be caused by multiple allergies, which need to be worked through methodically.

The first priority for an NAET practitioner is making sure that sensitivities to basic nutrients are cleared. Many people are sensitive to particular vitamins and minerals, which can cause poor absorption and nutritional deficiencies. Treatments for these nutrients can help their absorption and the body will be more able to receive the nutrients necessary for it to work properly. This will lead to improved immune system function and better hormonal balance. When these basic items have been treated, more specific sensitivities can be dealt with more easily.

Treatments may help you to avoid the necessity of following restrictive diets, so that important food groups do not have to be avoided, and may enable you to continue to eat foods which previously made you feel unwell. It is usually impossible to avoid environmental allergens, and treatments can make these less compromising. Many people find that their energy levels rise after treatments.

NAET has been found to help a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions and many people have gained relief from debilitating problems with this method.

As well as identifying physical allergens, NAET can be used to determine traumas and events in the past, together with current emotional factors, which have resulted in sensitivities. By treating and clearing physical and emotional issues using NAET, the associated symptoms can be alleviated.

I also provide comprehensive nutritional advice, as this is such an essential part of optimal health.


Initial consultation - up to 2 hours

• Adults - £80-£85
• Children/students/low income - £60-£65

Follow up appointments - 45-60 mins
• Adults - £40-£55 (depending on location)
• Children/students/low income - £30-£40 (depending on location)
• Optional guidebook £10

Home visits:
£5 extra if more than 6 miles away
Homeopathy - Worcester Park - Meg Robertson - stress
Homeopathy - Worcester Park - Meg Robertson - girl

For more information please contact Meg Robertson, your NAET Practitioner on 07726 417 385

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