Homeopathy takes a safe and holistic approach, and homeopathy sessions can contribute positive benefits of well being. 
Homeopathy dates back to 1976, when Samuel Hahnemann rediscovered the principles used by Hippocrates over two thousand years earlier. Homeopathy, empowered by nature, is based on the theory of the basic law of curing with similars, or 'like cures like', using highly diluted substances. 

A homeopathic remedy is given in the form of pilules, powder or drops. I use the highest quality of homeopathic remedies.

During my homeopathy sessions, I focus on you, the client, as a totality. My aim is to increase your feelings of well being. In your sessions with me, I can assist you with your emotional development.

The initial homeopathy consultation takes between 60 and 90 minutes, and involves questions about physical, mental and emotional states.

It includes details of current complaints, medical history, medications, family medical history, significant life events, lifestyle and dietary issues, sleep patterns, likes and dislikes, and reactions to environments and situations.

This information, which is of course in complete confidence, enables me to form a complete picture of you as an individual, and prescribe a remedy to match your unique qualities.

Follow-up appointments usually last 45 to 60 minutes and tend to be on a monthly basis. The number of follow-up appointments required will depend upon the nature of the problem. Complaints of longer duration tend to be more deeply rooted.

Appointments for acute complaints last about 20 minutes and can be conducted on the telephone if more convenient.


Initial consultation
• Adults (up to 2 hours) - £80
• Children/students (1 hour) - £60

Follow up appointments
• Adults (45 mins-1 hour) - £40-£55 (depending on location)
• Children/students/low income - £30-£40 (depending on location)
The cost of remedies is included.
Telephone/Skype appointments - by arrangement

Home visits:
£5 extra if more than 6 miles away
Homeopathy treatment - Worcester Park - Meg Robertson - Allergies
Homeopathy - Worcester Park - Meg Robertson - Homeopath

For more information please contact me on 07726 417 385

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