Allergy treatments, Homeopathy & nutritional advice in Central London, South West London and Surrey

Are you suffering from a long standing complaint? Do you have an unexplained medical condition? Are you prone to frequent acute illnesses or feeling overwhelmed with stress? Do you have symptoms when you eat certain foods, or are exposed to particular substances? Do you suffer from excessive tiredness, or have mood swings?

I may be able to help you, using natural remedies, non-invasive methods, and without the potential side-effect of conventional medications. 
Many symptoms are caused by allergies to foods, environmental substances, bacteria, viruses and parasites, and many allergies are triggered by emotional factors. The NAET method can both test for allergies and also treat and eliminate them, thus providing relief from many debilitating symptoms.

About me:

I studied homeopathy for four years at The Centre for Homeopathic Education, Regents College, London, obtaining a Licentiate from CHE and a BSc(Hons) from Middlesex University.

I am constantly striving to expand my medical knowledge, in order to understand the many ways in which the body expresses imbalances which can lead to pathology. I look very closely at nutritional aspects of health.

I discovered that many symptoms and conditions result from sensitivities and my family and I benefitted greatly from NAET treatments. This inspired me to train as a NAET practitioner and I  have now trained to Advanced 2 level.

Meg Robertson

Where I work:

I work at various clinics in Raynes Park, the City, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, South West London and Surrey. I also do home visits for both homeopathy and NAET.

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To find out more, or arrange your most convenient location, please contact me on 07726 417 385

*This information is not intended as medical advice, and should not be relied upon as substitute for consultation with your doctor who is familiar with your medical needs.*


I have been a Registered Homeopath for 10 years and can highly recommend Meg Robertson, as a fellow homeopath and as a NAET practitioner. Meg is an intuitive and sensitive practitioner and an asset to any clinic.
Marion Greaves (MLCHom MHMA)

I've been suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and various allergies for many years. Having tried numerous conventional and holistic treatments, I can honestly say that nothing has made as permanent and positive change to my health as much as NAET. Meg has been treating me for nearly a year and is a very supportive, knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner, who I would highly recommend.
Louise Martin

I have discovered a great new form of treatment and a lovely practitioner: Meg Robertson and NAET.

I went to see Meg when I was stressed, suffering from hay fever, experiencing side effects from my HRT and grieving for my brother. Having tried many therapies in the past I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find one that would actually treat my symptoms and provide me long term relief - then to my surprise I was introduced to NAET.

I am happy to report my hay fever is gone, the side-effects of my HRT have decreased and my grief is manageable. Not to mention I now feel empowered to deal with my stress, and my overall health and energy has increased considerably.

As a practitioner I found Meg kind, professional and knowledgeable. She took me through the NAET process in a way that made me feel relaxed and secure; and the treatment itself is completely non- invasive (and effective). For this reason I cannot recommend Meg Robertson and NAET highly enough.
Andreya Sterne.

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